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Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
're talking about $90 billion, split evenly between domestic and defense cuts being relieved from the sequester offset by some revenue and entitlement cuts elsewhere. however, there's very little long-term deficit reduction in this deal. we're talking about putting off decisions about raising taxes or cutting medicare and social security. we also have a last-minute hangup over unemployment benefits, the extension of unemployment benefits. democrats want that, republicans say they're not that serious about it, it's not clear whether or not democrats are going to put their foot down and say no deal until then. what i think we know is that there will not be a deal today. house leadership aide told me he expects early next week a deal to be announced by patty murray, the democratic chair of the budget committee in the senate. paul ryan, the republican budget committee chair in the house. then the house and senate pass it before christmas. they leave next week actually for their christmas break. so they would end the year on a positive note. it would dramatically reduce the risk of a g
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
. republicans and some democrats including chuck hagel at the pentagon who don't like the level of defense spending the way it's squeezed by the budget sequester and it gets squeezed more in 2014 by the sequester proportionately than domestic programs do. that gives some impetus for republicans to go along. democrats are raising the caps by an equal amount on the domestic side of the budget. these are things, priorities the democrats have for social programs, republicans have for defense, which are getting relieved and stitching together solutions to fill in the gaps financially even at a little deficit reduction on top of that, things like raising the fees for airline companies pay for for airport security, that's on the revenue side and on the spending side, curbing federal retirement which some lawmakers don't like but it's a way to get some money. >> jon, thanks for the update. appreciate it very much. john harwood. ty, up to you. >> herbal life may be turning the tables on the hedge fund titan bill ackman. plus, this brings new meaning to the term ski out. how the middle class are get
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
cyclical sectors, the ones that are down. what's up, more defensive names. these are underperformed throughout the year. a little bit of rotation but not dramatically so. one thing you see on a day like today high beta names move down more. if the dow is down 1% and have a beta of two, they're usually down 2%. that's what happens. the market is behaving in a predictable manner here. those high bidding names are down a little more. >> yesterday blaming it on interest rates. >> can't do that today. >> not today. you can't. we're going to get to that in a minute. gold market had a tough session yesterday. today things are considerably quieter as we go into the close. as a matter of fact, comex gold is only down 120 on the stragds six. a double d-double digit loss yesterday. the markets have steadied out partly because of the drop in the equities market. talk about interest rates, shall we, with the bond market report and rick santelli tracking the action at the cme. and all eyes were focused on europe this morning, now they're focused here on equities. how about the interest rate scena
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3